A Christmas to Remember

This year was our 5th married Christmas and the first one back home in Minnesota. The wait was over. But before we could hop in the car, we had a lot of house projects to complete (oh, the fun of prepping the house to be put on the market). This meant a lot of late nights since that was the only time to get much of anything accomplished with two little boys running and crawling all over. The two weeks leading up to our trip were busy and exhausting. Friday before Christmas, we were no more than two hours into our 11 hour drive when Josh told me he was suddenly very tired and wanted to nap. I volunteered to take over (I just HAD to get to MN ASAP).

Within five minutes of the switch, Josh began to seize and repeatedly bump into me.

I called 911.

A kind police officer came, followed by the paramedics. They took my Love in the ambulance, and I followed them to the hospital. The next twenty-six hours were filled with waiting and uncertainty.

By the time I had gotten the boys and their favorite items all gathered together and into the ER, Josh was doing much better. But he still needed a number of tests. We were lacking answers.

We also needed food, but I was afraid to venture out of the room with both boys just in case they moved Josh to a new room, and I would lose him forever! (I know, gotta get my mind under control.) My wonderful mother-in-law came to the rescue by ordering delivery for us online. She was so calm and helped me relax throughout all the craziness (even though I’m sure she was a little freaked out).

Josh’s brother and sister-in-law headed our way from Wisconsin as soon as they heard. They knew that I was going to need a hand with the kiddos. It was so nice to have family with us. To wait. And wait.

Enjoying Breakfast with Great Grandpa

By the time we finally made it to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, I was plum tuckered out. Josh can’t drive for six months, so I took the wheel for the entire trip and anywhere we went in MN. Then we drove back and forth from my grandpa’s home since there wasn’t enough room left in my parents’ house.

I had been looking forward to a break for months, but was even more tired than before (I’m still not sure how that was possible). We had so much going on and so many, many people to see. Didn’t happen. For Pete’s sake, we didn’t even make it across the road to see the neighbor!

The boys love Santa Uncle Nate

It’s so good to be home. So much happened in the last week and a half. But in the good, the bad, the confusion, and the laughter God was so good to us and perfectly ordained every moment. I am thankful for the opportunity learn to trust Him even more.

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