About Me

Hi, I’m Tina.

Before all else, I’m a born again Christian who strives to model Christ in everything I do. Though I often fail, that is my ultimate desire. Next, I’m in love with my best friend who will always be my hero and inspiration. Third, I’m a mom to the three most wonderful boys you’ll ever meet.

As a boymom, my days are filled with wrestling, mud, and bugs. It’s nearly impossible to cut out a few minutes for myself in peace and quiet. Despite the frustrations that come every day, I can’t get over how much I adore my boys and treasure the blessing God has given me to raise them.

My Happy Place(s)

Do you ever replay happy memories in your head, over and over again? Each time you watch the rerun, you smile as the emotions of the moment flood back into your mind. That’s what the kitchen is like for me.

Every time I put on an apron or dust the countertop with flour, I’m back in my grandma’s farmhouse kitchen.

I can instantly smell the fresh bread as it comes out of the oven and can see the contented smile on grandma’s face as I ‘help’ her make cookies. She passed when I was in junior high, but she will always be my inspiration when I step into the kitchen. I miss her so much. Using her rolling pin every day and making pies in her ceramic pan bring me so much joy!

Oh, and the snap peas I grow in my garden taste almost the same as they did with Grandma. It’s a tradition I’m able to pass down to my boys. Turning the soil, planting seeds, and gathering veggies brings such satisfaction; and I can teach my boys about God’s amazing creation in the process.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

Have you listened to my podcast?

Life’s full of crazy and I want to share it with you. We talk about our struggles as moms, the everyday successes, our faith, and just life in general. It’s a time of refreshment with another mom who knows what the days look like.

Keeping My Sanity Podcast

Let’s Chat

I’m always eager to talk with new people. You can reach out via my Contact page. I’m also on the Gram and you can always follow along on my Facebook page.