Practical steps toward a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is sometimes the last thing we focus on after all of the other stress we face every day. Health is always a great idea, but seldom seems a practical goal to be reached. Dr. Jess Cummings, physical therapist extraordinaire, came on the show and talked through several practical steps for busy women that will lead towards a healthy, abundant life.

As a mom of three kiddos and owner of a small business, Jess knows what it’s like to be busy. Her passion to help women build healthy lives shows through as she talks through achievable routines that you can start implementing today.

It isn’t about working out for 60 minutes 4 times per week. It isn’t about following a strictly regimented diet plan. It’s about making purposeful choices that get you one step closer to the lifestyle you crave.

Jess and her husband, Tim, own Restore Thrive, a Kansas-based performance physical therapy practice and training facility. Restore Thrive works with clients well beyond symptom and pain management. They seek to develop training plans and routines that promote positive lifestyles ready to experience life to its fullest.

Here are some of things we talked about in the episode.

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