Moms teach practical theology to kiddos every day

Theology is defined as the study of the nature of God and religious belief.

When I think about the word ‘theology’, my mind doesn’t immediately go to a mom teaching her kids Biblical truth. Instead, I picture seminary students paging through stacks of dusty commentaries.

But, if we look carefully, every day is packed with countless opportunities to teach our kids practical, life-changing truths about God. Isn’t that the goal of parenting after all? Teaching our children to love God?

As a mother of three very busy boys, I constantly have the temptation to look for a quick, simple solution for my daily chaos. In the past I have worked through books like Treasuring Christ when Your Hands Are Full, The End of Me,  How to Really Love Your Child, Beholding and Becoming: The Art of Everyday Worship, and The Strong-Willed Child. Recently I’m reading books like Mama Bear Apologetics, Not From Around Here, and Glory in the Ordinary. But as helpful as these books can be for practical use, the words are quickly forgotten and usually apply only to specific situations.

Theology, on the other hand, is eternal for it is the study of our eternal God. What I learn about Him through His Word today not only applied 9 years ago when we started parenting but will apply to all stages of life and parenting.

While there are many more lessons, I want to focus on four practical theological ideas I can pass to my kiddos daily.


When my boys hurt each other, whether intentional or careless, my husband and I explain the need for an apology, request for forgiveness, then an extension of forgiveness. Although the children didn’t understand it 5 years ago, they were learning about God. They are admitting wrongdoing, that they sinned against someone else and that they need to be forgiven for that sin. The need for forgiveness becomes a natural part of life. Oh, and, by the way, moms need forgiveness, too!


Forgiveness and patience are connected. The more aware I am of my sinfulness and of God’s ability and willingness to forgive me, the better I understand patience and how perfectly God displays it toward me. With Christ as my example, I can acknowledge my sons’ sin nature and grant patience to them as they grow in their own understanding of God and how they should act. It is good for them to know this, too. It’s not an excuse for sin, but an understanding that can grow into greater dependence on God.


It was at times comical to watch our two-year-old attempt to do something on his own. He is still very independent. When told what to do, he tends to try to find his own way to accomplish the task. As frustrating as this can be, the study of God and my relationship with Him reveals I do the same thing as my toddler did. The Bible tells me that I can do nothing without God allowing me to do it, yet I think that I know best. I try to live life my way, which usually includes stress and worry, instead of trusting what God can do and acknowledging His hand. I should be using difficult situations to teach my sons about my God who provides.


God showed relentless kindness in the Old Testament. He would have been justified in turning His back on Israel, but he continually showed kindness toward them. Christ was kindness in human form. Through all of the bombardment of crowds and hate, he loved his enemies and showed kindness. To me, kindness is Christianity simplified.

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