God Chooses Creativity: The Value of Diversity and the Gospel with Trillia Newbell

Trillia Newbell is a Christian author of several books—for young kids all the way through adults—that specifically talk about how diversity is a celebration of God’s creation.

I grew up in a rural Midwest farming town. Diversity wasn’t a topic we talked about often. It rarely came up simply because there wasn’t really much in our lives or communities. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t vital to discuss. In fact, downplaying the remarkable creativity God chose by not talking about diversity does great harm.

The last year has brought up many painful reminders of our fallen world—not the least of which being racial divisiveness. I don’t want to ignore the tension that exists, and I want to do my best to raise my children who embrace God’s creativity in all of its wonderful forms. Author and speaker Trillia Newbell joins me today to discuss how God uses diversity to reflect His image.

Trillia has authored several books on many topics—not just diversity. I have read several and have been blessed by each one. As I talk about in the episode, I was moved as a mom when I read her books to my boys. Find all of her titles on Amazon.

You can also pick up The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration that Trillia mentioned in the episode as a resource.

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