💃🏻 Get on that dance floor, mom!

As moms, we like to maintain an image of dignity and “togetherness”. We like our comfort zone, and stepping outside of it will could allow for unbearable judgement. But sometimes, we need to stop overthinking and be the mom our kids need us to be.

Since childhood, music has been a huge part of my life. Our home is constantly filled with music of all varieties—from classic hymns, to Broadway hits, and everything in between. I love it so much!

It’s neat to see my love of music passed down my kids. If you ever come over, just be warned that random dance parties break out on a regular basis. Disney and Broadway just bring it out in all of us. It may not be pretty all of the time, but it’s great!

Our middle son is especially into music and dancing. He hears a beat and there’s no question in his mind—he’s going to dance.

This past summer, we attended a wedding with a dance. As the tables and chairs cleared the dance floor, our son was already moving—itching to get out there and show off his moves. After the agonizing wait through the Bride-Groom, Father-Daughter, and Mother-Groom dances, the DJ welcomed everyone to the dance floor.

The joy on his face as he danced to the beat of his own imagination was indescribable. It’s like he had been training his entire life for that moment—and he was going to seize that opportunity.

It wasn’t long before he locked eyes with me, as I was contentedly sipping my punch from the comfort of my chair on the side of the dance floor. I knew exactly what he was thinking.

“Mom, come dance with me!”

Now, I dance with my boys several times a day. A good song comes on, and we go to town. But, as much as I love music and dancing, public humiliation is not my jam. That was exactly what was going through my head. “If I get out there, I’m going to look like an idiot and everyone will judge me.”

I looked again into my son’s eyes—seeing how much he wanted me to experience the joy he was feeling out there. To me, I was saving my dignity. To him, I was missing out on something amazing that he wanted to share with me.

So, swallowing my pride, I decided to join him on the dance floor. We spun and swayed to song after song—probably looking ridiculous. But, I was being the mom he needed me to be. Looking back, we made some remarkable memories that night.

The fear of judgement didn’t distract him at all. He was more than happy to be present in the moment.

Be the mom they need

Just remember that you’re only going to experience some of these special moments once. Be careful that you’re not too distracted by a fear of judgement that you miss out on being Mom. Your kids want you to enjoy life with them. Please do.

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