Equipping children to defend their faith with Hillary Morgan Ferrer

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My husband and I have three school-aged boys. We have made a deliberate decision to enroll all three of them in public school, a topic that we may get into more in a different podcast. Though I’m able to be in the classroom regularly again this semester, there’s still nothing I can do to shelter them from witnessing the reality of the fall–even in elementary.

Over the summer, I read Mama Bear Apologetics: Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies, by Hillary Morgan Ferrer and Nancy Pearcey. The book discusses our role as parents in the instruction of biblical truth in a depraved culture.   I knew I needed to bring Hillary onto the podcast to share her wisdom with my listeners. Our conversation covered such a wide scope that I’ve decided to break it into two episodes. In this week’s episode, we discuss properly equipping our children to defend their faith.

In next week’s episode, we’ll get into topics from Hillary’s second book, co-authored by Amy Davison and released in October 2021–Mama Bear Apologetics Guide to Sexuality: Empowering Your Kids to Understand and Live Out God’s Design. Unfortunately, the second book is all too relevant in today’s culture also. We get into some of the tough topics in that book next week.

You can pick up the books on Amazon.

About Hillary Morgan Ferrer

Hillary Morgan Ferrer is the founder and Mama-Bear-in-Chief of Mama Bear Apologetics. She feels a burden for providing accessible apologetics resources for busy moms. Hillary is the co-author and general editor of the bestselling book Mama Bear Apologetics: Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies (Harvest House, 2019) and the recently released Mama Bear Apologetics Guide to Sexuality (Harvest House 2021) Hillary has her master’s degree in biology and loves helping moms to discern truths and lies in both science and culture. She also specializes in understanding the root causes of doubt. She and her husband, John, have been married for 14 years and minister together as an apologetics team.

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