Called to the Ordinary: When Being Mom is So Much More than Enough

As a mom, every day can seem exactly like the one before and the one before that. All of the tedious things we do can pick away at our patience and threaten our contentment. Above and beyond the tedium of motherhood comes the heavy burden of teaching our children to love God. I can sometimes feel so inadequate to impart rich biblical truth to my kids, yet that is exactly what I’m called to do.

If you feel the same inadequacies, remember you teach more by showing than by telling. Pray often with your children. Share your struggles openly with your children. Read scripture consistently to your children.

Establishing the priority of loving the Lord will make a far greater impact on their lives than leading a regimented theological survey. While theology is vital, let loving Jesus become ‘ordinary’ in your home.

Take a moment to consider what role you play in the lives of your children. You will be one of their most important mentors, no matter where they end up or what they accomplish.

What priorities are you demonstrating today in your ‘ordinary’?

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