A Jesus Easter: Explore God’s Amazing Rescue Plan with author Barbara Reaoch

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I was so blessed to talk to Barbara Reaoch on today’s episode. Barbara’s passion to serve Christ is so apparent and she has dedicated her ministry to equip parents, grandparents, and teachers to present Biblical truth to children.  

In the episode, we specifically talk about her latest book, A Jesus Easter: Explore God’s Amazing Rescue Plan. The book is a day-by-day quick read leading up to Easter (like an advent for Easter), but it can certainly be used at any time and be read at any pace!  

My boys–ages 5 through 9–all love the thought questions each day. I also like the questions because they create great conversation around Biblical truths that may not come up naturally.  

In the book, Barbara shares the four questions that Easter answers for us.

  1. Who is Jesus?
  2. Why did God send Jesus to us?
  3. What lies does Satan want us to believe?
  4. What is our right response to Jesus?

You can get your copy of A Jesus Easter* on Amazon today!   Barbara also has several other books* on Amazon that I’m excited to read eventually.  

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