They Are Watching You

Last night just before bed, Justin found the box of Dixie cups and took out three. When I walked into the kitchen he asked for pretzels (a cup on the front of the box had pretzels). I broke a pretzel rod in half and placed both pieces in a cup. “Mo pepzels peeezzz.” How is a mom to resist?! I gave him three more pretzel pieces. Lover and I were talking in the living room when J joined us. He pranced straight to his daddy and handed him a cup with pretzel pieces.

“Is fo you, Daddee.” He darted back to the kitchen and returned with a cup in each hand. “Wah fo Mommy. And wah fo Justee.”

I melted. He wanted pretzels so we could all have a snack together. He was thinking about others. He was watching.

Moments like this give my job purpose. All of those meals where I am up and down getting everyone situated while my food is getting cold, whether or not I work with a smile, he is watching. He learned how to care for others from me.

There are many days where my attitude is far less than sweet. I let my lack of sleep or busy schedule dictate how I serve my family. This has been a wonderful reminder to me to be worthy of being imitated. They are watching.

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