DIY Chair Covers

When we got married, we picked out what we thought were the perfect table and stools. The tall table was fun. We loved it!

Fast forward four years. We now have two little boys and would like our two year old to be able to sit up at the table without falling off the stool every time he squirms. So last week we picked out a table at IKEA with regular chairs. We love them. Now we could use a booster chair for J. But I wanted to protect the new chair from the booster. I found Buzz Lightyear fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I got 1.3 yards for $7.98 (in the end I only needed 1 yard). I had some batting left over from another project to use for the seat. This really wasn’t very expensive at all!

We have one chair that didn’t have the seat screwed down yet; I used this at my template. I used a paper bag to make my pattern.

I cut out two of the Buzz material, giving myself about 1/2″ seem allowance. Then I used the seat to cut out the batting. I pinned the batting to one of the Buzz pieces and stitched around the outside.

The next step was to pin in the ribbons to tie the cushion to the chair. I attached the two Buzz pieces to each other, right sides together, and 1/4″ stitched around the outer edge leaving an opening to turn it right side out.

I pressed the edges and 1/4″ top stitched on the outer edge. I also top stitched about 3/4″ inside the stitch attaching the batting to the material, but this time it would be going through all layers.

Now onto the slip cover for the back of the chair. I am thinking this will make clean up even easier. I don’t know about you, but my little boys can get their sticky little fingers all over their seats. I tipped the chair onto its back and used a paper bag once again to make my rough pattern. I then cut the material with the top of the pater along the fold and stitched down both sides to make a case. I slipped it over the back of the chair and ended up taking in the sides a bit more to give it a good fit. I measured the top of the chair to know how wide to make the side seam (1″).

I folded down the top corners and matched the center of the top with the side seam to make this triangle. I measured about 1.25″ across the top, marked it, then stitched to square off the top corners. Then I cut off the extra triangle.

I slid the case onto the back again to measure for the bottom hem, pinned, and stitched.

I flipped that bugger right side out and BOOM! The chair cover was complete!

And our new chair is safe with the boys and the booster seat. J LOVES IT! This will protect the chair to infinity and beyond. Or for at least a couple years.

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