Moving? Buy some white vinegar.

Maybe I’m just really behind. I recently discovered miracle cleaner.

White vinegar.

I’ve used it to remove buildup in my Keurig. My mom used it many times on her coffee maker. Ok. That’s nice.

So a couple months ago when I saw a video of a guy using it to remove buildup around his kitchen faucet… Say What??? Well, duh. That makes complete sense. When we were moving a couple weeks ago, I bought a gallon of white vinegar. Our apartment was so sparkly when we left!

Here’s the trick: Soak a rag in white vinegar. Wrap the faucet, cover the shower shelves, you get the point. Pour a little extra vinegar on the rag to make sure it’s saturated. Leave the rag in place for at least an hour. Wipe away the icky. Repeat if necessary.

That’s it! Sure, Josh complained about the apartment smelling of vinegar (I really don’t mind the smell), but the results were just what we needed. Guess who got their deposit back…

This new apartment also has hard water. I already bought a gallon.

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