First things first

Let’s get things out of the way before we dive in. Real life is not Facebook. Real life is waking up in the middle of the night to change wet sheets–twice. Real life gives you a gold star for getting out of pajama pants into yoga pants. Real life hides toys in the toilet tank and shoves cucumbers in the toaster. That’s what real life is.

Here are a few photos of my ‘real life’.

Here are my kids doing something that they will most likely regret in just a few seconds. A good mom would probably take the kid off the top of the car. I decided to take a picture.


Here’s Michelangelo a few minutes after Ironman pushed him into the wall. You’ll notice the consequent bandaid over on my About Me page.

We raided the costume aisle after Halloween and picked all of these up for about $20. We credit several abrasions and bruises to these guys.

See, life isn’t always wrapped up with a bow on top. It’s hard, it’s lonely. Some days you wake up with a motivation to get things done until you get out of bed and face the day. No matter how hard you try, that motivation seems meaningless. Nothing works. The room that was clean when you went to bed now is covered in baby powder and cheerios. The sink is still full and the kids don’t have clean spoons for their yogurt.

You get to lunch time, and you feel like nothing productive happened. All you want to do is take a nap, but if you do that, you’ll fall further behind and feel even worse about yourself. You should really work out to shed that baby weight, but you’ve been working out all morning to keep the kids alive. Is it even worth it?

This isn’t me complaining about how hard I have it. This is me telling you I understand where you are. Don’t believe the lies you tell yourself. You are strong. You are up to the task of mom-hood.

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Hi. I'm Tina.

Ever feel like your life isn't nearly as 'put together' as your Facebook friends? You don't have that perfectly clean living room or the time to make that amazing chocolate truffle cake? Let's pull back the curtain and talk about real life. Read more...


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