Extinguish the Flame

Ya know that old crush you had – maybe in high school or maybe in college. Do you ever think about him? What spurs on these thoughts or day dreams?

Honestly, I was struggling with this. At some point my thoughts switched from fond times to what if dreams.


I tend to dream at night about all of the random things that I see throughout the day. I dream about recipes, home remodeling, friends, cleaning. Pretty much everything.

BUT. I found myself dreaming about him.

Why? It’s been years since I’ve seen him.

Not true. I saw him almost daily on Instragram and/or Facebook. We haven’t talked in ages, but I was still following him and was his “friend.”  Why not? Don’t we all have like 400+ “friends” just cuz that’s what Facebook is whether or not we even converse daily/weekly/monthly?

Truth is, even though he is definitely not a bad influence, I don’t need to be seeing and thinking about him. I talked about this with my Bible study ladies and was encouraged to unfollow and unfriend this guy. Nothing against him, but that was an unnecessary distraction.


Do you have something that is distracting you? Snuff it out. You don’t need to be “connected” to everyone and everything just because technology allows you to be.

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